Wednesday, April 2, 2014


The studio is pretty much finished now and I've moved into it!

Oh boy... did it fill up quickly!  I've since switched the small drawing table out and replaced it with a 3' x 5' drafting table which will be much more useable with its flat file drawer and larger work surface.

While going through the flat file drawer and organizing all the papers (found some beautiful Twinrocker Handmade Watercolor sheets in there!  YEA!) I just might have to put those to good use.

Then I found these old watercolor nude sketches that I thought you might enjoy.  I haven't had the chance to do much of this sort of stuff in a while.

I've added an "Add to Cart" link to each... just in case you'd like to purchase them.

12 x 9 inches
Transparent Watercolor Sketch


12 x 9 inches
Transparent Watercolor Sketch

12 x 9 inches
Transparent Watercolor Sketch

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


One more painting ready to go to La Posada de Santa Fe...  I'm hoping to do one more before I head out to New Mexico to deliver new work.

This has been a fun series of paintings!  I actually did a version of this same idea for the demo I did earlier this week at the Trinity Art League in San Antonio. I did the demo as a 20 x 16 but I wiped it off at the end because the sunflowers died. :(

I've been putting birds in the last three and in the next one I'm thinking a real bird might be fun.  I'll just have to think about it a bit. All of the first four have flowers in them so I'll probably do some more flowers...  here I am, thinking out loud!

Monday, June 10, 2013


14  x 11 inches
Oil on Linen

This second attempt at a self portrait turned out a lot better than the first. After a serious fail on the first one, I studied the techniques of Juan Ramirez on Facebook and picked up some really good tips!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


20 x 24 inches
Oil on Cradled Wood Panel

Here it is...  it's finished, I signed it and I will stand by that story!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

SONGBIRD & DESERT WILLOW (still on the easel)

This painting is still on the easel but I thought I'd post it now. I'm considering adding a twig of leaves wrapping around the left side of the pitcher to round out the composition but I'm still mulling it over. I did a test image in photoshop and I think it's worth a try.  Other than that, I just want to make sure the background transitions are nice and smooth (looks pretty good here but that's the wonders of Photoshop) It looks pretty good in person but the photograph brought out some rough areas that I'm not really happy with....  

funny how that works!

Anyway, here it is. I put a small image with the added twig that I worked up in PS just to see if I'd like it.  Comments are welcomed but may be ignored!  LOL

SONGBIRD & DESERT WILLOW (work in progress)


Wednesday, May 22, 2013



20 x 24 inches
Oil on Cradled Wood Panel


20 x 24 inches
Oil on Cradled Wood Panel

Both of these paintings will be available next week through 
Santa Fe, New Mexico


I finally finished the companion painting to OLD OAK & REDBUD and the two paintings are ready to be delivered to La Posada de Santa Fe.  I'm looking forward to being able to hand deliver them and enjoy a short road trip to Santa Fe and a stay at this beautiful hotel! What a treat!

It's always nice to get through a project like this one and it's fun to get started on the next painting. I have a good one planned and I'll try to post some progress paintings as I work through it.

Monday, April 8, 2013



20 x 16 inches
Oil on Wood Panel

Available at Cactus Jack's Gallery
1706 Hunter Road
Gruene, TX.

I finished this one and it's now available at Cactus Jack's in Gruene, TX.  Now I can focus on the companion painting to OLD OAK WITH FRUIT & REDBUD.  I've been working on it for a few days now with one major background change and a resizing of some of the elements. The Delphinium blossoms are now pretty much past their prime (it never hurts to take lots of photos of the set-up) but it's  working out pretty well and maybe I'll take a picture of it (as w. i. p.) and post it.... or maybe not!  It might be more fun to wait till it's completely finished and a totally fresh image for you to see. 

Other news...
I received a pretty good tax refund this year so it looks like I'll finally be getting a dedicated studio space so I can vacate the living room soon! I can't wait to have a space where I can close the door and not have to worry about alizarin crimson cat prints on the floor! I'll keep you posted!