Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Broken Fortune" available on eBay

"Broken Fortune"
Oil on Linen
10" x 8"

Buy it on eBay

This is a simple little oil painting that I painted while tending a shop one day. It was a very quick little painting and I had to struggle not to get into my usual obsessive compulsive style.

Monday, August 25, 2008

We've started something...

Brigitte Woosley is a friend and previously we shared some studio space and now we're sharing some cyberspace!

We've just set up a new organization extolling the virtues of the cow in art. The group is called the American Society of Bovine Artists.

Right now we only have four members including ourselves but we're growing! After all, we're just a couple of days old. Check out the website and if you: are interested in paintings with cows; have painted cows; collect paintings of cows; own cows; dream about cows!?! you should become a member. It's only $10 and it's all fun. There is an artists' gallery and a page just for friends.

This is what I have up there now but I think I may have to do better....

By the way, I did the website for ASBA as well so if you're looking for website design.... contact me!