Monday, March 31, 2008

A step forward...

Me, standing next to "Three Tulips" Watercolor 24" x 12"
photo courtesy of Gaye Sekula

"The Gallery at the Hacienda de las Rosas" show is now over and it was a lovely weekend event. Some of my good artist friends, Kay & John Reinke and Gaye Sekula were also in the show along with 9 others.
There was a nice crowd of art lovers at the reception on Friday night and lots of others came by to see the show over the weekend.

Now that this milestone is behind me, I can get back to work on more paintings for Art City Austin in April! Come see me at booth #114 on April 12 & 13.

Paint on...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Something I was reminded of...

Conté on Colored Paper

I was visiting the blog of a new acquaintance of mine, Susan Carlin. She does wonderful portraits among other things. She recently posted a simple portrait drawing that I really loved.  I thought I'd dig into my archives and find this portrait that I did during a life drawing session a few years ago. 
Sometimes the full pose just doesn't inspire you and it's the perfect time to work on your portrait skills.

Here's another portrait from a life drawing group session...

Conté on Colored Paper

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I've been busy, not just lazy...

I haven't posted in a week but that's not because I've been slackin'.

Here is one of the paintings that I did this week.  This one is a little larger that the previous ones but it's probably a simpler one.  

Transparent Watercolor on Twinrocker Paper
16" x 20"

I'm also doing a redo of a painting that I started on Saturday last.  I found out the hard way why you should let a watercolor dry overnight before removing masking fluid from the Twinrocker paper that I'm using!  I got anxious and started removing it too soon and the paper tore.  I mean it really pulled the surface off!  I was really bummed. But a lesson was learned.  Fortunate for me, I learned two lessons at the same time... you also can't use masking fluid over an area that has been painted with the Cadmium Red family!  Yup, just took the paint off almost to the paper!  WOW!  Won't do THAT again.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Coming Events!

Does it seem that I've been busy lately?  Well you're right!

There are two events coming up in the near future.  

I've been invited to exhibit in San Antonio at the Antique Rose Emporium in "The Gallery at the Hacienda de las Rosas" annual fine art show on March 29 - 30. I'll have several of my watercolors on exhibit along with a number of outstanding area artists. Try to come by!

Art City Austin is also coming up (April 12 & 13) and I'm painting like a fool...
If you would like to visit me there I'll be in booth #114.  Come by and tell me that you found me through my blog I'll have all of my watercolors for sale on site and I think they look better in person!

I'll be watching for you!

Friday, March 7, 2008

"Tiny Pumpkins 2"

"Tiny Pumpkins 2"
14" H x 11" W

Another view of the little "pumpkins."  Actually they're gourds, I am told.

I tried something new with this one.  I painted the entire background before painting the gourds. I think it was a bit easier that way but with such simple shapes that makes sense.  If I were to try that with a leafy subject it would probably be a bit more difficult.  I think I'll try that next!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

"Red Berries"

"Berry Red"
13'" H x 10" W

This is the newest of my paintings and I tried something new. I decided not to trust in masking fluid when putting in the background on this one because of the delicate stems in it.  Masking fluid is a wonderful tool but it is TREACHEROUS!

There is nothing so disheartening as finding a missed area after you've removed the mask!  Those little failures always seem to show up in a conspicuous area and they're so difficult to fix.

So this time I decided to carefully paint in the background freehand.  I think it was pretty successful but it certainly was tedious.