Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Leaving Roswell" 3/50

"Leaving Roswell"  

Limited Edition Print  5/50
8" x 18" (on 13" x 19" Ilford Matte Paper)
$185 unmatted/unframed

I'm finally starting to feel better after that horrible (cold/allergy/bronchitis?) month of feeling awful and I'm ready to start getting back to work. I have a long list of things to do before the end of this month.

There are competitions to paint for...
There's the "TEXAS" Show at New Bruanfels Art League which takes submissions on June 1.
The Oil Painters of America Western Regional Show deadline is June 17 (online submissions) and the Bosque Conservatory Conservatory Art Classic deadline is a few days earlier on June 14.

Lots to do!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

My most recent painting...

"From the Soap Berry Tree"
14" x 11"
Oil on canvas

My trip to Austin ended with me catching a terrible cold so I haven't been very good about painting since then. (Coughing and hacking and just plain miserable)

 I did spend a few days at the studio to work on this painting so I could enter it in the "Contemporary" show at the New Braunfels Art League.  I apologize for the less than optimum photo but I took it before the painting was finished and it was still just sitting on the easel. If you look at it closely you can still see where I scratched/sketched in the composition before I started painting it in. I  also made some changes to the background with some lighter and color-shifted areas which made the overall look a little less gloomy. I wasn't able to frame it the way I planned but at least it made it into the show. 

I've also been working on restructuring Judith Baker Arts Dot Com to make it easier to update and to correct some problems that have cropped up. So keep an eye on it for the new and improved!